Fat Lip

Completed in 2004, it took the Hornheads almost 7 years to get around to recording their 3rd solo CD, Fat Lip. A busy schedule recording with national and international artists such as Prince, Chaka Khan, Larry Graham, Mandy Moore, Pedro Abrunhosa (Portugal), Yumi Matsutoya (Japan) Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas (Argentina) and numorous feature recordings for Compass Lifesacpes series kept the Hornheads from recording new original material any sooner. This CD is a continuation in the exploration of the Hornheads signature sound with new original compositions as well as arrangements covering the music of Stevie Wonder and Leonard Bernstein.

"These guys are tighter than a gnat’s ass."
David Sanborn - sax legend

"The CD is all horns, nothing else, and nothing else is needed...tight as a drum but still with butt stank and grease. It's definitely worth your while to add the CD to your collection."
"St. Paul" Peterson - producer, singer/songwriter, bassist

additional notes

Lyrisist/singer Lorrainne Feather wrote lyrics for “Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It”, and recorded it with top LA studio musicians along with singers Janis Siegel and Cheryl Bentyne from Manhatten Transfer. Adding a funky little drum part, and titling it Waiting Tables, it is included on her 2008 release “Langauge”.


EXCELLENT!!! Fresh!!! Creative!!! Oozing talent and skill!

These folks are so talented, words fail me. This is a totally unique group. They are fresh. What they are doing requires immense talent and mastery of the insturments, and they demonstrate that handsomely. This CD in particular has some of the most imaginative arrangements of pop tunes and originals I've ever heard. My hat is off to this group. BUY THIS CD! Just do it! Don't think about. Don't discuss it. Just BUY it!

Nick Drozdoff

Fat Lip Pure joy!

Great arrangements, awesome execution. Why aren't these people running the world???


Incredible and Addictive!!

I heard excerpts of this CD on my local jazz station and had to call them to get more information so I could get my own copy! I anxiously awaited its arrival, and have played the snot out of the damn thing since I tore the wrapper off of it! Every track is top notch, although my favorite by far is the title track...it is positively addictive! I have told anyone who will listen about the "awesome-ness" of this CD, and I will definitely be purchasing their previous releases!

Heidi Sue




I Think I Need a Cigarette

I'll skip the technical details and just say that Fat Lip is a deliciously funky album that reaches right out through the speakers and does goooooood things to me. Yeah, baby, yah!


The Hornheads are back with all their talent and souls.

The album is awesome. The Hornheads are back and they're cool! I enjoyed every single note off "Fat lip". The sound is thick and pleasant. Music just for horns is not necessarily easy to listen to, but the variety inside the cd is big and you get curios while you're listening. I really liked the two medleys: the Hornheads managed to fuse all the different songs in one whole that keeps your attention alive to see how they are going to merge everything.

Laura from Rome

these guys are the shizzle!

Saw HornHeads at the local jazz fesitval this summer and was totally blown away - had to get the CD. Needless to say, it delivers the same mindblowing arrangements as the live show. The Stevie Wonder medley delivered the ooohs and aaahhs live the same way it does on the CD. What you are witnessing here are five masters of their own instruments, melded together through obvious countless hours of practice together. Intonation is absolutely FABULOUS. These guys have HUGE ears - every one of them. REQUIRED listening for anyone serious about playing or enjoying. Don't miss this group - they NEED a label deal to get them out and get more exposure.


Crazy good! Another outstanding recording from the Hornheads!

I heard the Stevie Wonder medley and the West Side Story medley live about 5 years ago - unbelieveable. It's amazing how much sound variation they get from just 5 players.


Hornheads Fat Lip CD cover
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michael b. nelson

trombone / euphonium

steve strand

lead trumpet / flugelhorn

dave jensen

trumpet / flugelhorn

kenni holmen

soprano / tenor saxophone

kathy jensen

alto / baritone saxophone

Track List

1. Can't Quite Put My Finger On It

2. Chiclete com Banana

3. Fat Lip

4. Things Left Unsaid

5. Zeetin Z'Bo

6. Superstition

7. All In Love Is Fair

8. Isn't She Lovely

9. Lady Dude

10. Que Bonita

11. Head Case

12. Tonight

13. Cool

14. America

15. Hornz, Stand Up