Recorded in 1994, this CD marks the beginning of the Hornheads as a solo group. The music for this project was started while the Hornheads were still with Prince and the NPG full time. While Prince was taking some time out of the country to write new material, the Hornheads started getting together to run old NPG horn parts to stay sharp, but quickly grew bored with that exercise. For fun, Michael started writing new licks and phrases to try out. Becoming intrigued with the sound of the ensemble playing funk and jazz licks without a rhythm section became the impetus for expanding these ideas into full songs. This music was then recorded and used as a promotional disk for the horn section. It also became apparent that it would be great music to perform live at jazz festivals, clubs, performing arts series, and colleges.

"The Hornheads are terrific. They broke the place [Bellson Jazz Fest] up."
Louie Bellson - jazz legend

"...exhilarating...excellent and unique writing and performance."
Bob Freedman - jazz producer and arranger

"Hornheads is a remarkable enterprise...the tracks are brilliant exhibits of how talented these people are...this is a CD U should all hear and appreciate!"
The Continental - Rotterdam, Holland

additional notes

Two of MIchael Nelson compositions on this disc that might be familiar to Prince fans are “New Dell Inn”, which Prince incorporated into “Billy Jack Bitch” as a horn feature on the Grammy nominated Gold Experience CD, and “Intermission”, a portion of which was often played at club dates, including the show featured on the Sacrifice Of Victor video.



These musicians just continue to raise the bar with their artistry.

Robert Lozano

Awesome !!!

This is awesome ! Really great and I'm so happy with this CD. Still can't believe my ears when I listen to it, never heard something that powerful, clean, so talented, smooth and so good as this. I really hope the Hornheads will bring out more of this stuff. Can't wait !


Just perfect

Perect timing, perfect phrasing and beautiful sound. Thanks a lot for this CD.

Schledorn Franz  

Cleanest group sound!!

Some of the cleanest and tightest playing I've ever heard. A definite out of the ordinary approach to jazz ensemble playing. Played the CD for some of my high school band students and they were crazy about it. Great solos, too!!

Rick Horn

The CD's are incredible.

Fantastic musicianship throughout! I was introduced to this group recently by a fellow musician. I ordered two of the 3 by the 5 horn group. I listen to them constantly. Each time I listen I hear new things. These guys are fantastic. Not only are the ensemble writings unique, the jazz on all selections is out of sight. Congrats to the group and keep the recordings coming!!

Dick Cale

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michael b. nelson

trombone / euphonium

steve strand

lead trumpet / flugelhorn

dave jensen

trumpet / flugelhorn

kenni holmen

soprano / tenor saxophone, piccolo

kathy jensen

alto / baritone saxophone

Track List

1. Intermission I

2. New Dell Inn

3. Hornhead Blues

4. Tub O' Grease

5. Well You Needn't

6. One Last Touch

7. Interrupting Cow

8. Outtake

9. Waltz 4 Hornz

10. Twix Flambe'

11. Intermission II

12. Radio Remix - Waltz 4 Hornz

13. Radio Remix - Intermission