With Prince

The row of horns punching with a staccato precision beyond the grasp of science or Synclavier." The NPG are for real. And not least because of the peerless horn section. Prince splashes their insouciant versatility all over the set list...with the brass playing in bare brilliant syncopation.

Q Magazine - London

"New Dell Inn" (cut #2 on the Hornheads debut CD) was used in "Billy Jack Bitch” on Prince’s album The Gold Experience. Here's what the reviewers said...

Furiously funky horns on Billy Jack Bitch.

Jon Bream - Mpls. Star Tribune

This record is distinguished by sophisticated horn charts, for example Billy Jack Bitch

David Hiltbrand - People Magazine

The Gold Experience enjoys the services of some very tight, skillful musicians, not the least of which are the folks that compose the horn section.

Mark Kemp - Rolling Stone

Delicious horns on Billy Jack Bitch.

Erik Flannigan - CD Review


They are a super horn section! I think the best in the world at the moment. It was a great fun to work with them: professionalism, competence, talent and humility. Michael is a great arranger and musician.

Pedro Abrunhosa - multi-platnium European recording artist

The Hornheads are terrific. They broke the [Louie Bellson Jazz Fest] up.

Louie Bellson - jazz legend

...superb writing and, it's a gas.

Bobby Shew - jazz trumpeter

...very cool, no doubt about it...excellent playing.

Ben Sidran - jazz artist/producer

"Hornheads is a remarkable enterprise...the tracks are brilliant exhibits of how talented these people are...this is a CD U should all hear and appreciate!"

The Continental - Rotterdam, Holland

The Hornheads have the most perfect, stanky funk, tight-ass horn section ever!

Ricky Peterson - producer, singer/songwriter, keyboardist, David Sanborn's musical director

...exhilarating...excellent and unique writing and performance.

Bob Freedman - jazz producer and arranger

The CD is all horns, nothing else, and nothing else is needed...tight as a drum but still with butt stank and grease. It's definitely worth your while to add the CD to your collection.

"St. Paul" Peterson - producer, singer/songwriter, bassist

These guys are tighter than a gnats asshole.

David Sanborn - jazz saxophonist


The Hornheads represent a new breed of performer, presenting yet another angle of Americas’ classic music. Upon recently performing at the UW Eau Claire Jazz Fest, their unbridled enthusiasm, combined with unbelievable soloists provided a thoroughly professional concert that was the hit of our 3 day event. The charts provide a fresh challenge to any instrumentalists seeking new ways to express individuality through jazz music. They are well written, uniformly exciting and cover a wide spectrum of styles. The Hornheads would make an excellent contribution to your festival. Very easy to work with. They have to be, they’re from Minnesota.

Robert Baca

Director of Jazz Studies University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Former IAJE Executive Board-United States Representative

The Hornheads are unbelievable--Their charts are at the same time hip and heady, with funky grooves and incredibly difficult and intricate parts. To a person, the soloists are capable of playing fiery bop lines and pyrotechnical solos that would make any guitarist jealous. There simply isn't a group like them--so tight and yet with such great pure energy featuring jaw-dropping soloists.

Their playing makes them an indispensable educational experience by itself--but their down-to-earth manner of conveying ideas and the lack of airs they carry with them (in spite of their brilliance as performers) only amplifies their attributes as effective clinicians.

Scott Garlock

Director of Jazz, Knox College

Dazzling ensemble playing and world class soloists all tied together with cutting edge writing, the Hornheads are the real deal. They can light up an audience while providing a one of a kind education to students. Along with being virtuoso performers, the players are all seasoned teachers, and their work with students of all levels is second to none.

Exciting to audiences, inspiring to students

Dean Sorenson

Director of Jazz Studies University of Minnesota

I was entranced from beginning to end. I love what [the Hornheads] say and I love the way [they] say it. Hornheads is one of the most refreshing treats I’ve had in a long time. Both the writing and playing are superb.

Dr. Frank Bencriscutto

Director of Music, University of Minnesota