Music is a language all it’s own, and transcribing is one of the best tools for an aspiring musician to advance his or her playing and soloing ability. Studying solos of musicians that you admire allows you to to add to your musical vocabulary and will give you the foundation for creating your own unique sound and style. It’s important to analyze all aspects of a solo that you’ve transcribed including harmonic structure, melodic structure, rhythm, and phrasing. Find some favorite licks and try incorporating them in your own solos, and try learning them in different keys. To get you started, here are some Hornheads transcriptions with MP3s and sheet music to download. Have fun!!


You can download a mp3 of each song with the score in PDF format. Enjoy!

  • Kenni Holmen- Sweet Georgia Brown [mp3 | PDF]
  • Dave Jensen – Cool [mp3 | PDF]
  • Kathy Jensen – Lady Dude [mp3 | PDF]
  • Michael Nelson – Sweet Georgia Brown [mp3 | PDF]
  • Kenni Holmen – Isn’t She Lovely [mp3 | PDF]
  • Kenni Holmen – Superstition [mp3 | PDF]
  • Dave Jensen – Sweet Georgia Brow [mp3 | PDF]
  • Michael Nelson – Fat Lip [mp3 | PDF]
  • Michael Nelson – Fat Lip (cadenza) [mp3 | PDF]
  • Kathy Jensen – Sweet Georgia Brown [mp3 | PDF]
  • Fat Lip – Fat Lip [mp3]
  • Presentación De Los Hornheads – Smokin Cuban Jazz [mp3]
  • OHT – 5 Heads Are Better Than 1 [mp3]
  • Tub O’Grease – Hornheads [mp3]
  • One Last Touch – 5 Heads Are Better Than 1 [mp3]
  • Pie Hole – 5 Heads Are Better Than 1 [mp3]
  • Hornz, Stand Up – Fat Lip [mp3]